Coming up in North America

This is the place for you to share your knowledge.

Do you know that the Ploni Band is due in the East coast in 6 months time? Share the knowledge here.

Are you keen to bring out Ploni ben Ploni to perform in your JCC but can’t cover all the travel costs yourself? Let everyone know here, and try to build a coalition with other communities.

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2 Responses to Coming up in North America

  1. meidan keidar says:

    I have asked the “Tikva 6″ to come and preform during the time of Yom Haatzmaoot and they said that having a tour during that time is a good idea but they would need to preform in other communities as well to cover all the expenses of coming here, and asked to me see if anyone else was interested.

  2. Noga Maliniak says:

    David Broza will perform in New Jersey on Motzaei Yom HaAtzmaut, Thursday, April 26, 2012.
    If you are intersted please contact Noga at

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